Keeping Lake Erie Alive: A Crash Course in Who’s Doing What About Algal Blooms and Your Water

We’ve all seen pictures of the slimy green algal blooms in Lake Erie, and we know it’s affecting our drinking water.  We know nutrient pollution is a contributing factor and is threatening many of our precious Great Lakes.What… Read More

Ontario Reintroduces the Great Lakes Protection Act

The Great Lakes Protection Act was reintroduced at Queen’s Park this week. If passed, this new law would help to ensure the healthy future of our Great Lakes waters. Freshwater Future Canada joins other conservation groups across Ontario… Read More

Health of the Great Lakes is Key to the Economic Future of Ontario

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne recently released her mandate letters to her Ministers, including one to Environment Minister Glen Murray.  The letter instructs the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on their priorities for the next four years. … Read More

Freshwater Future Canada Co-Presenting Living on the Edge at the Planet in Focus Film Festival

Come and meet Freshwater Future Canada staff on Saturday, November 8 at Planet in Focus, Canada’s largest and longest running environmental film festival.  Freshwater Future Canada is co-presenting the film Living on the Edge, and it can be… Read More

Keeping Lake Erie alive: A four-point plan to tackle algae blooms

Freshwater Future Canada and Environmental Defence propose four-point plan to tackle algal blooms in Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes Waterscape: Assessing the needs of the Ontario water community

  The Ontario Great Lakes Need Assessment was an effort to explore how well the water community is working together, building on the recent national assessment documented in the report: “The Canadian Waterscape: Assessing the needs of Canada’s water leaders”…. Read More

Jill Ryan Spends Time Helping Groups in Eastern Ontario

I just had the pleasure of spending two days working with stewardship and sustainability organizations in Eastern Ontario. We spent time discussing ways to conduct planning process in ways that don’t take too much time, don’t cost too… Read More

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