Breaking – Ontario Announces 2-year ban on new water takings

Breaking – Ontario Announces 2-year ban on new water takings

Today, the Ontario government announced that it would ban new water bottling facilities from taking groundwater for 2 years. It also stops existing facilities from increasing their groundwater taking or testing for future groundwater sources.

This is big news, especially for communities that have been competing with big water bottling companies for water. People across the province have been engaging in campaigns to raise awareness about the need to protect their drinking water, supported by grassroots groups like Wellington Water Watchers.

The ban will be in place for 2 years while the province looks into how it can more permanently protect groundwater supplies and ensure resources will be available for future generations. According to their press release, Ontario plans to:

  • Undertake further research to improve understanding of groundwater;
  • Examine how pricing and other tools could be used to help manage and protect water resources;
  • Review existing rules for water bottlers to ensure long-term groundwater protection, including considering the impacts of climate change and future demand on water sources; and
  • Consult with communities, industry and Indigenous partners on changes to groundwater management practices before they are implemented.

“With this ban, Ontario is prioritizing water for people, communities and farms. Moving forward, we hope the province establishes a science-based program that ensures new water taking permits don’t compete with communities for affordable water supplies for its citizens,” says Nancy Goucher, Manager of Partnerships with Freshwater Future.

Freshwater Future Canada supports grassroots organizations across the Great Lakes region in their efforts to protect water. We would like to congratulate everyone involved in working to achieve a water taking ban and will continue to work with you to protect drinking water for everyone.

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