Lake Erie Alive

Lake Erie Alive is a growing grassroots movement supported by the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, Environmental Defence and Freshwater Future.  Lake Erie is essential to the physical, economic and spiritual health of the central Great Lakes region.  The goal of Lake Erie Alive is to unite communities as they work together to protect and restore this treasured waterbody.  Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are one of the most serious threats to Lake Erie.  HABs are caused by blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).  Naturally occurring in most waterbodies, blue-green algae become harmful when it multiplies rapidly and forms algal blooms.  Storm runoff for agriculture and urban areas contains high levels of nutrients, especially phosphorus, that feed blue-green algae.  Excess nutrients combined with warm waters leads to explosive growth of blue-green algae into HABs.  HABs can suffocate fish and make water unsafe for drinking and swimming.  These blooms are threatening local fisheries, tourism and drinking water sources all around the lake.  However, there are solutions.  Fifty years ago, Lake Erie was declared dead because excessive nutrients and other pollution was leading to extensive algal blooms and fish death.  Coordinated action by federal, state, and provincial governments and local communities addressed these threats and Lake Erie was again a lake that we could drink, swim and fish.  This type of coordinated effort is required again.  We must work together to protect Lake Erie from increasing nutrient loads and climate change.

Show Your Lake Erie Love on Social Media, August 25th, 2021 with #WeAreLakeErie 

As western Lake Erie continues to be plagued by annual—and sometimes toxic—algal blooms, Ontarians and Americans are being asked to join in a social media rallying cry for urgent action to protect the lake and, along with it, drinking water for millions of people. People can participate in this 4th annual social media event by sharing Lake Erie stories and photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #WeAreLakeErie to help create a virtual wave of support for the lake to demonstrate to decision-makers the important role the lake plays in the lives of so many people. The event was created in 2017 by three Canadian environmental organizations: Environmental Defence Canada, Canadian Freshwater Alliance, and Freshwater Future Canada.

Facebook posts showcase the LOVE for Lake Erie: