Freshwater Future Weekly: December 28, 2022

Freshwater Future Weekly: December 28, 2022

This Week: Give the Gift of Safe and Clean Water with Your Year-End Gift Today; Water Watchers & Wellness Resources Available; Appreciating Ice at the Ice Museum

Give the Gift of Safe and Clean Water with Your Year-End Gift Today!

Imagine the impact you could have with a year-end gift today to bring people one step closer to having clean and safe water across the Great Lakes Region. You can ensure a brighter future and help make lasting change for our region through your financial support today at this link. No gift is too big or too small! Thank you for your generosity. 

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Water Watchers & Wellness Resources Available 

It is the final week of 2022, time to close out nonprofit books and start planning for the new year.  Don’t stress. To help you, Freshwater Future is offering the resources from the 2022 Water Watchers & Wellness series to our network.  Check out the informative resources (videos and documents) on our website to help nonprofit organizations manage finances, understand lobbying restrictions, tips on fundraising, using technology, as well as mindfulness tips.

Appreciating Ice at the Ice Museum

Winter can be a long season in the Great Lakes region.  Dave Strayer has a suggestion to appreciate the beauty of ice, by visiting “…the Museum of Ice, Michigan’s largest museum, open daily (weather permitting) between December and March. Just step outside anywhere in the state and you’re in the museum.” Remember ice is dangerous so explore with caution and bundle up.