April WPR 2014

wpr-300x75Help me Help the Great Lakes!

Please join me in raising funds for Freshwater Future Canada.

Freshwater Future Canada works to ensure the healthy future of our waters in the Great Lakes region. As the only watershed-wide organization dedicated solely to supporting the needs of community-based groups and actions working to protect and restore Great Lakes land and water resources, we are able to help protect and restore the Great Lakes like no other organization.

The groups we help work at the local community level where large environmental organizations cannot. It is at the local community level where thousands of decisions are made every day that impact the health of our waters and our communities. Our support helps people make an on-the-ground difference in their community.

Freshwater Future holds a “Walk, Paddle and Roll” fundraiser every year. This year I’ll be participating by hiking with my family. As a busy working mom to two young kids, I’m not in good enough physical shape to undertake a marathon or anything close to it, but I can hike! And I’ll do it carrying one kid on my back, and holding the other one’s hand. And probably telling stories and singing songs the whole way!

Please sponsor my girls and I as we hike to protect our Great Lakes. Or, as my three-year old puts it, “to keep my lake clean so I can swim in it!”.

Donate to April’s Walk, Paddle & Roll!