Freshwater Future Weekly: April 21, 2023

Freshwater Future Weekly: April 21, 2023

Freshwater Future Benefits from Record-Setting Participation in Big House 5K!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Big House 5K Race, donated to Freshwater Future, and signed the water affordability pledge. Congratulations to Carol C., Battle Creek, MI, Tracey C., Fort Wayne, IN, and Helen H., Ann Arbor, MI, who won our Patagonia gear giveaways. Big shout out to Patagonia for the gear donation! The generous proceeds from the race and support of the University of Michigan Athletics will go directly to our work to ensure that safe, clean, and affordable water is accessible to all. 

Left – Freshwater Future Staff greet Big House 5K participants; Center – 10,000 runners cross the finish line inside the stadium; Right – Reconnecting with community: Ann Baughman and Tommie Johnson of Flint, MI at race packet pickup prior to race day.

Thank You for Signing Our Letter Supporting the U.S. EPA’s Coal Ash Disposal Decision 

Seventy people took action and co-signed Freshwater Future’s two letters to the U.S. EPA, which supported its proposed decision to deny coal ash disposal permits to two coal-fired power plants in Michigan. The power plants’ owner is seeking to use an outdated disposal method that can leach toxins into the groundwater. Thank you for using your voice and sharing with friends and family.  While the U.S. EPA does not have a date listed for the final decision on these permit requests, we expect it to come later this year. We will keep you posted with any developments. 

Métis Nation of Ontario Receives Funding for Great Lakes Protection and Restoration 

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is receiving $366,000 from the Government of Ontario to more actively participate in the design, development and implementation of Great Lakes protection and restoration efforts. “Since the emergence of Métis communities along the Upper Great Lakes, waterways, and rivers of Ontario, to the present day, the Upper Great Lakes have played a critical role in the Métis way-of-life,” said MNO Chair, Hank Rowlinson. The funds will be used for projects that the Advisory Group develops in consultation with the MNO’s regional committees around the Great Lakes Basin.  

Six Simple Actions to Help Water on Earth Day – April 22nd

Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Earth Day this Saturday, April 22nd? Below are six simple actions you can take that support efforts to ensure people have access to safe, clean, and affordable water for drinking and recreating.

1. Learn how to keep you and your family safe from lead in drinking water by checking out Freshwater Future’s lead toolkit

2. Learn more about your drinking water,  

3. Everyone deserves access to safe, affordable water. Sign the Water Affordability Pledge to support this issue. 

4. Reduce pollution by not using fertilizers or pesticides on your lawn.

5. Practice responsible water use, like taking shorter showers or choosing to run only a fully-loaded dishwasher

6. Donate to Freshwater Future!