Freshwater Future Weekly: April 28, 2023

Freshwater Future Weekly: April 28, 2023

Freshwater Voices Newsletter – Latest Issue Now Available Online

The most recent issue of our Freshwater Voices Newsletter is now available online. Click HERE to access a full pdf version of Freshwater Voices highlighting the Freshwater Hero Award recipients who are making an impact around the Great Lakes Region. If you would like a print version of the newsletter mailed to you, just send a request to [email protected].

Freshwater Future Hero Addresses United Nations on Line 5 

Jannan Cornstalk is a citizen of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, a renowned water warrior, and a recent Freshwater Future Hero. Last week, she presented at the “Indigenous Women from North America Defending Biodiversity, Human Rights, and our Global Climate” panel at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues session. She shared some of her wisdom from her leadership with the Water is Life Festival and the Indigenous Women’s Treaty Alliance. You can find out more about Jannan’s important work in our blog post

Muskegon Residents Speak Up to Regain Public Access

Muskegon residents successfully delayed a move by city officials that could limit public access to Muskegon Lake in favor of a local marina development. A local developer purchased extensive land along the lakefront two years ago, enticed by the recent clean-up of pollution, and has plans to build upscale condos and dry boat storage. Community members voiced the need for clearer language about public access to prevent the company from decreasing or eliminating access in the future. Residents are also concerned that the lack of direct access to the lake may adversely affect those with mobility issues, people who rely on fishing for their livelihoods, and the pedestrian traffic that local businesses depend on.

Lake Erie Conference On May 4th, 2023

Experts will discuss 2023 Lake Erie water levels and forecasts, road salt runoff in the Lake Erie watershed, white fish, soil scientist, trends in Lake Erie water monitoring and much more at the Lake Erie Conference on May 4th, 2023 from 9 AM – 3 PM in Perrysburg, Ohio. For more information and registration, go to this page. Questions? [email protected]. Call/Text 419-367-1691. 

Palladium and Copper Mine on Lake Superior Coast in Ontario, Canada

A Toronto-based mining company is looking at the northern Lake Superior coast for a $1.1-billion open-pit palladium and copper mine. In November 2022, the project was given approval by both the federal and provincial governments to conduct an environmental assessment, but the company will still need permit approval to move forward. The type of ore that will be mined is found in rocks that produce toxic acid mine drainage when exposed to air and water. Historically, all mining operations involving sulfide-bearing rock have led to significant water pollution and waste disposal issues. Freshwater Future believes open pit mines should never be located in sulfide bearing rock, particularly near a source of public drinking water such as Lake Superior, because the technique exposes the entire mine to air and water, and thus the production of toxic acid mine drainage.