Freshwater Weekly — April 13th, 2018

This week: Flint + Trade Wars and Water Quality + New Plan for Lake Huron Flint Residents Lose Access to Bottled Water Last Friday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced that the State will cease shipments of free bottled… Read More

Freshwater Weekly – April 5, 2018

This week:  Budget Successes + Pollution in the Straits + Celebrating Freshwater Heroes BUDGET SUCCESSES IN US AND CANADA The US Omnibus bill adopted by Congress on March 23 maintained stable funding for the EPA and several policy… Read More

Freshwater Weekly – March 29, 2018

This week: Happy Holiday + AquaHacking + Ohio Declares Lake Erie “Impaired” HAPPY HOLIDAY FROM FRESHWATER FUTURE CANADA We wish you a safe and joyous holiday weekend. Freshwater Weekly will be taking a break next week, but we’ll… Read More

Freshwater Weekly – March 23, 2018

This week:  Freshwater Future in Washington D.C. +  preventing algal blooms + funding opportunities FRESHWATER FUTURE WENT TO WASHINGTON Freshwater Future staff recently traveled to Washington D.C for Great Lakes Day—an annual convening at which residents, grassroots groups,… Read More

Freshwater Weekly 3/15/18

This week: Foxconn wants 7 million gallons + U.S. budget bills undermine clean water + U.S. agencies say Michigan sulfide mine permit insufficient +  funding opportunities. FOXCONN WANTS 7 MILLION GALLONS OF LAKE MICHIGAN WATER PER DAY The… Read More

Freshwater Weekly 8/3/18

This week: Foxconn wants 7 million gallons + Freshwater Future goes to Washington + US EPA plan to clean up Lake Erie + funding opportunities. FOXCONN WANTS 7 MILLION GALLONS OF LAKE MICHIGAN WATER PER DAY The city… Read More

Freshwater Weekly 1/3/18

This week: how to clean up Lake Erie + 2018 grant funding now available THE PLAN TO CLEAN UP LAKE ERIE The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement requires all jurisdictions surrounding Lake Erie to publish action plans for… Read More

Addressing Toxic Chemicals in the Great Lakes

Written by Nancy Goucher The Great Lakes face various threats, from algal blooms to invasive species, but another challenge also worries many residents and researchers — toxic chemicals. Chemicals come from many sources including agricultural pesticides, plastics, nuclear… Read More

News Update: Lake Erie’s Action Plan

Yesterday, the governments of Canada and Ontario released the final Action Plan for Lake Erie—something Freshwater Future Canada has said for years is needed to restore the health of Lake Erie and address toxic algal blooms. Is it… Read More

Canada-Ontario Action Plan to Address Lake Erie Algal Blooms Falls Short

FRESHWATER FUTURE CANADA, ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE, CANADIAN FRESHWATER ALLIANCE For immediate release: February 22, 2018 Canada-Ontario action plan to address Lake Erie algae blooms is a good first step, but overall falls short Toronto, Ont. – Environmental groups are welcoming… Read More